Building Teacher Agency

Large Learning Circle
(Monthly)- Engagement with Year 1 and 2 Beacon Educators.

Small Learning Circle
(Monthly with chosen Beacons)- Bringing together Sankul and building reflection (Mission Prerna Focus)

Classroom observation
(Monthly)- A classroom observation is an act of observing teacher in action in their classroom or learning environment. Classroom observations are a qualitative way of recording and measuring teacher practicing 6 habits of highly effective teaching and mastery by systematically watching and recording them in action.

One-On-One/ Coach call
(Quarterly)- “To keep ‘the few’ tight; to ensure our program is going through, & enabling proof of work to be visible.”

LDJ conversation with Beacons
(Quarterly)- Support Beacons to identify their journey on BCS and record it on story

WhatsApp Groups
Strategic Engagement (daily/ bi-weekly/ weekly) To maintain momentum, & to strategically use it to inspire, motivate, collect data, build proof of work, build a community, solve common challenges, etc.

Quarterly Progress Report
(Quarterly)- To share/present the milestone of the quarter gone by and its impact , with all stakeholders.

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