Building a Movement of Teacher Leaders

To ensure all children experience meaningful education we work directly with their first point of contact – the teacher. We have developed the Beacon Educator Fellowship for government school teachers in the middle school with this vision in mind. The Fellowship design helps teachers learn and internalize teaching tools and practices that encourage children to discover their own strengths and express themselves. We also build on partnerships that ensure our program is complementary of national efforts, sustainable and scalable. This includes collaborating with government officials at the regional and national levels as well as the eclectic community invested in our vision to foster positive learning environments.

The Beacon Educator Fellowship

The Beacon Educator Fellowship is the first fellowship program that enables government school teachers to learn innovative teaching practices. Each Beacon Fellow works towards re-imagining her classroom through a series of experiential and innovative training modules. Our focus areas are creative problem-solving, life-skill building and leadership development. We also work deeply with values and mindsets amongst the community of teachers.

Building Teacher Agency

Build a movement of teachers who reimagine their classrooms as experiential spaces where children learn and practice active citizenship through-

1) A 2 year fellowship

2) FLUX- an experiential tool based on design thinking.

3) The 6 Beacon Habit Framework.

4) Beacon Commitment Scale ( Reflection Tool)

5) Support of a Program Mentor

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Building Student Agency

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