our vision

We will be a nation where education becomes a meaningful experience that empowers each one for a lifetime.
For us, a meaningful education is one that awakens in each one the self- belief to achieve their potential, the courage to create opportunities for themselves and the spirit to wholly participate in society.

our mission

Build a movement of teacher leaders who can re-imagine their classroom.
Foster and Forge Foundation seeks to transform the lives of millions of school childrenby bolstering their education with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond. We do this by working with the government school teacher in collaboration with the community, partner organizations and the government to foster positive learning environments.

theory of change

Immersion of government school teachers into a two year fellowship wherein they work with children to build lifeskills and solve real-life civic issues. Through the fellowship these teacher-leaders understand and experience innovative methods of teaching learning and leading. Post the fellowship, these teacher leaders inspire their peers to transition their school into a model school. In order to build a growing community of teacher leaders, Foster and Forge has developed a two-part theory of change.

short-term change

Through our Beacon Fellowship Program, we create an opportunity to India’s largest teacher community - government school teachers for the primary classes - to transform their classrooms. These are teachers who are working in the nation’s most under-resourced schools and serving the nations most underserved children. Through this experience of re-imagining their classrooms and collaborating with other eclectic stakeholders like craftsperson’s, design mentors, experts in education, trainers, coaches, our Fellows get exposed to new and revolutionary methodologies and they begin to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to attain positions of leadership in the education system and identify their role in building a larger movement for meaningful education and its excellence

long-term change

In the long-term, we continue to engage these teacher leaders, our Alumni, and support this growing community to advocate for change. They start the process of transforming their school into a model school .Our Alumni work within the school system as teachers, teacher-trainers, school principals, curriculum designers, and education policy advocates , now as catalysts of change and committing to strong advocacy within the community and other key stakeholders like departments of education , parents , all with a shared purpose to build a broad people’s movement within their school, community and the entire ecosystem for education to be a meaningful experience so as to empower each one for a life time.