FnF was established with the belief that every child has the potential to positively impact their environment /contribute meaningfully to the growth of the country. what they need is the opportunity to explore their potential to build their capabilities and role models to inspire and show them the way. This is where the network of 575000 teachers step in, playing a revolutionary role in not only accelerating learning but also building capable citizens.

Our Vision

A nation where every child experiences a meaningful education.

Our Mission

Building a movement of teacher leaders who re-imagine classrooms as empowering spaces where children learn and practice active citizenship.

4-F Model

Our values


    At least once every working week we explicitly appreciate someone we work with, & are appreciated by someone.


    We collaborate with at least one other person at work every week.


    We accept & own are mistakes & AoDs. We practice the courage of vulnerability & share our fears & failures openly. We take responsibility of our actions & feelings, & are accountable for our work


    We are always eager to know more, & have questions, thoughts, ideas around everything!

Our Leadership Team

Board of Directors &
Advisory Board


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