impact assessment

Our impact evaluations are critically important to us as our decisions and programs are deeply affected by this data. Both interpersonal and objective assessments of each one we impact is mandatory in our process. Together with the accumulated knowledge of experienced professionals in the domain, actual on-ground learnings and local and national inputs, we have developed scoring rubrics along our vision scales. The assessments on these rubrics help to fill the gaps in our knowledge. We heed the results and are ready to re-evaluate as required.

individual impact

Measuring life-skills or mindset changes is neither straightforward nor calculable in absolute numbers. We tackle this through a series of comparative evaluations in order to receive honest and objective results. We study our impact and effectiveness along our Beacon Vision Scale and Student Vision Scale. Our Vision-Scales systematically evaluate development of life skills, which include confidence and self-belief as well as such competencies as the ability to express, adapt, make decisions, and persevere. They also have a strong component to measure values and mindset shifts as well as community action and participation.

systemic impact

Our Fellowship Program has been planned as a sustainable and scalable model with the definitive intent to embed teaching practices that build life-skills and creative thinking within the education system. Our programs enable teachers and students to learn and practice life skills through classes, workshops and extracurricular activities. In addition, thinking critically, relying on themselves to meet challenges, imagining alternative solutions, contemplating civic concerns, and accepting social responsibility are the mindset goals we have set ourself through our programs. Our processes to measure impact on the system are at work and are constantly evolving so as to yield authentic and conclusive results. We are resolved to drive systemic change through our interventions and interactions with the Government school system. A change that will meaningfully impact every child who is part of that system.