flux - an experiential learning program for creative problem-solving

Experiential learning has been scientifically proven to be one of most effective modes of education. FLUX is an experiential learning program by Foster & Forge Foundation. The program is a 5 hour intensive workshop on creative problem solving. We used the principles of design thinking for this program in order to create an engaging and inclusive environment for learning in schools.

why flux?

13 out of every 100 Indians between 5-29 years did not attend school or dropped out because they did not consider education “necessary.” One of the main problems of a high dropout rate is because children do not find education meaningful. The current drop out rate is 34.8 %. Most of the drop-outs starting in Class 3-5. Only 4 in 100 children reach post graduation in India.

how flux works?

Through this module children will grow in the following parameters. 1. Pro-activity 2. Empathy 3. Contextual Solutions 4. Collaboration The idea is for the children to apply their learning to solve civic issues around them. We have a toolkit with a board, 48 civic cards, solution sheets and a manual to run the module. To take the program to govt. schools we have started an educator fellowship program called FNF Beacons. Govt. school teachers who are selected as FNF Beacons are trained in Design Thinking, FLUX and innovative teaching practices