the beacon educator fellowship


The Beacon Educator Fellowship is the first fellowship program that enables government school teachers to learn innovative teaching practices. Each Beacon Fellow works towards reimagining her classroom through a series of experiential and innovative training modules. Our focus areas are creative problem solving, lifeskill building and leadership development. We also work deeply with values and mindsets amongst the community of teachers. Our framework for leadership at Foster and Forge is called the Leadership Development Journey and is centered around three commitments: – The commitment to Personal Transformation: Exploring who you are, your purpose, and striving to be a better person and a leader of change.
 – The commitment to Collective Action: Building relationships within school, the community and other partners to transition the school into a model school. This way we also scale-up while deepening our impact. – The commitment to Meaningful Education: Deepening the need and intricacies of experiential classrooms so as to empower each learner for a lifetime.
Beacon Fellows work on these commitments in and beyond the full-time lab of their classroom, where they focus on moving their students towards ‘lifetime learning’- the highest level of our Student Vision Scale.
 By growing in the three commitments, and embedded with real life leadership experiences in the classrooms and communities, Beacon Fellows are ready to be lifelong learners and leaders for greater impact on children.

the beacon model school program


The Beacon Educator Fellows initiate the process of transitioning their schools into model community schools by building and motivating the community of students, teachers and parents towards collective and civic action.