There is a vast, almost un-measurable gap between education and learning in the government school system of our country. And this is the network that serves over 113 million* students annually. Applying their education towards a better life is an immense and often unconquerable challenge for the youth from the under-served sections of our society. There also exists a deep-rooted illusion that learning to read and write will almost magically launch you into a premium social position. Which when not fulfilled makes for a unhappy, unmotivated youth for whom education was meaningless. And so, the will and wish to pursue or even complete school is on the decline. As a consequence there is a measurable drop in self-worth. Which brings with it more serious repercussions. Firstly it creates a huge mass of children who begin life with the unfortunate assumption that their life path is unalterable and alternate

dreams have no place in that future.For those who have strived in the system and still found their education inadequate, the disappointment is much greater. The fruits of their education are not as imagined and the opportunities promised remain out of reach. In more extreme evaluations this lack of self-worth reveals itself in the the form of higher suicide rates amongst the youth. It is also one of the underlying causes of anti-social, anti-civic behavior that rapidly translates into a higher crime rates.

what needs to happpen

There is an urgent need to redress this. To awaken within our children the power of their own potential to enhance their life, income and role and participation in society. Literacy alone can not translate into better opportunities and so we must apply the process of school education towards bolstering life-skills and re-thinking perceptions.
We strongly believe that education can be a way to build life to life bonds amongst communities and create value that expands hope amongst people.