Building a movement of teacher leaders who can reimagine their classroom .


There is a vast, almost un-measurable gap between education and learning in the government school system of our country. And this is the network that serves over 113 million*students annually. There also exists a deep-rooted illusion that learning to read and write will almost magically launch you into a premium social position. Which when not fulfilled makes for a unhappy, unmotivated youth for whom education was meaningless. And so, the will and wish to pursue or even complete school is on the decline.

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It is distressing to note that around 6% of the students confirmed that they felt like committing suicide at least once in the last couple of years

Sources: Live Mint,    NDTV


We will be a nation where education becomes a meaningful experience..


Build a movement of teacher leaders who can re-imagine..


Immersion of government school teachers into a two year fellowship

theory of change


To ensure all children experience meaningful education we work directly with their first point of contact – the teacher. We have developed the Beacon Educator Fellowship for government school teachers in the middle school with this vision in mind.
The Fellowship design helps teachers learn and internalize teaching tools and practices that encourage children to discover their own strengths and express themselves.  Our craft curriculum has a strong skill building component and is designed to actively encourage children to imagine and create new and innovative solutions or applications of the craft.


Our programs seek to transform the lives of millions of school children by bolstering their education with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.


Our impact evaluations are critically important to us as our decisions and programs are deeply affected by this data. Both interpersonal and objective assessments of each one we impact is mandatory in our process.


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who we are


our board

Our board was drawn together by a common sense of responsibility and purpose.
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our team

We are a group diverse people who are bound by our vision and our shared values.
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These are the people and organizations who believe in us. Keep us focused. And enable us to accomplish real and meaningful impact.
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